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(Avoiding these mistakes will not only save your marriage but keep you from having to spend months in therapy)

We only wish someone would have pointed these out to us years ago. But here's the good news... We know them now and we want to give them to you. Not only that, we want to give you the tools that will help to change the entire trajectory of your marriage and take you from SURVIVING to actually THRIVING in your relationship. 


Here's what you can expect from this masterclass:

👉 How trying to fix the marriage "first" usually ends up destroying the marriage even more

👉 How you can leverage the pain-point and turn it into the change-point

👉 How, even if you're spouse isn't on board yet, you can start this journey and lead the way to hope and change

👉 How to count the cost of your future and secure your family legacy

👉 How couples from all over the country are using

THE 7 DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL MARRIAGE CHALLENGE  to save their marriages and win their love back


We are going to share with you real-life stories from couples who have saved their marriages and won back their families using these innovative yet non-conventional relationship techniques.  

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Doc and Trish Farris have worked in the coaching and mentoring space for more than 25 years. They are profound students of psychology and human behaviors but also know that without God in the middle of anything, everything we try to do on our own is futile. 

They have had the privilege of mentoring thousands of couples from around the country and world. They host multiple couples retreats throughout the year and are the creators of THE 7 DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL MARRIAGE CHALLENGE. 

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