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Our primary calling is to help save marriages and families. But sometimes the damage is so severe and the resentments run so deeply that one or both people in the marriage are completely done and there's literally nothing that we can do to change that. 

One of the most interesting things that we've discovered over the last couple of years is that the divorce rates are holding somewhere around the 40/50 % mark in America, but there's been a significant jump with nearly 80% of those divorces being filed by women. 

Let's face it, in many cases the odds are stacked against the men. And because of that we've watched some of the strongest and most capable men in the world become of shell of what they once were. 

It's because of this that we've developed the DIVORCE MASTERY TRAINING & COACHING program that not only offers an incredible amount of support to these men, but also walks them through training that helps them heal from past trauma, regain their confidence and swagger and construct a mission statement that guides them into their destination. 

The bottom line: There is life after divorce. Our goal is to help you get there faster without years of therapy and having to rebuild everything all over again. 

You're going to have to take these 4 steps if you don't want to lose your Life, your Money & your dignity


In this course we are going to cover the following 4 steps:


👉 Know Your Rights… ALL OF THEM
👉 Commit To Nothing Until You Have All The Information 
👉 Treat Everything Like A Business Transaction

👉 Don’t Go Alone - Bring Someone You Trust Into The Narrative


These topics will include information on things like...


  • The Do’s & Don’ts of A Custody Battle

  • How To Keep From Giving Up Your Rights

  • Learning To Make Decisions Using Logic Instead Of Your Emotions

  • Adjusting To Single Life and Single Parenthood

  • And so much more

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