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Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


The 7 DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL MARRIAGE CHALLENGE is 7 days of high-level content followed by 7 unique challenges that will begin the journey to transforming the marriage and bringing couples back into a place of love, intimacy and respect for one another. Day 1: Make A Truce. We are going to lay down all the things we've weaponized against one another and start over with a clean slate Day 2: Take Ownership. We are going to stop the blame game and we are going learn how to own 100% of our 50% Day 3: Talk About It. We will teach you how to communicate the most difficult subjects with love, respect and conflict management tools Day 4: Set A Boundary. We will teach you how to set boundaries that will lead to respect and honor in the relationship Day 5: Move To Neutrality. We will show you how you and your spouse can live in UNITY 100% of the time Day 6: Construct A Mission Statement: We will show you how to construct a mission statement for your marriage and for your family that will lead to a lasting legacy Day 7: Count The Cost. We will show you what divorce will cost you and how it will impact your family forever




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