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We aren’t your typical marriage counseling & therapy coaches

Two unhealthy people never come together and make a healthy whole. If the individuals are healthy then, as a by-product, the relationship will be healthy. 


The approach to traditional marriage counseling and therapy is to work on the relationship first and we believe this is a HUGE miss for relationship sustainability.

What Other Couples Are Saying

"We walked through the darkest season of our lives 2 years ago in our marriage. But thanks to Doc and Trish and the tools they provided us with, we were able to not just save our marriage but we are growing more now than we did  when we were first together"

Chris & Chelsea, Orlando, FL

"This is by far the best investment that we've ever made in our marriage to date. Our biggest take away was learning how to communicate and bring respect back into our home"

~ Ryan and Tracey, Dallas TX

"I never imagined that we would have to walk the path of infidelity in our marriage. My heart was devastated when I found out what was going on behind my back. I honestly felt there was no hope. Doc & Trish entered into our lives and helped us put the pieces back together. Today, we are helping others who have gone through similar situations"  ~ Russ & Vanessa, Phoenix AZ  









Relationship Experts

Doc and Trish have both gone through the pains of divorce and broken relationships. 


Their story isn't a perfect one but it is one that they now tell to help other couples bridge the gap between where they currently are and where they hope to be. 


As students of psychology, God has used them to help people from all around the country inventory their behaviors and patterns, identify the root causes and helping couples find the tools to interrupt what's causing the disfunction in their relationships. 

Years ago they learned that two unhealthy people never come together to make a healthy whole and that if we want healthy relationships we have to become healthy individuals.

  1. STOP The Cover UP - START becoming rigorously honest about what's REALLY going on.

  2. STOP Modifying The Behaviors - START transforming the character.

  3. STOP The Blame Game - START working on taking personal responsibility.

  4. STOP Avoiding The Insanity - START leveraging the pain.

  5. STOP Making Excuses - START investing in your marriage. 


The 5 Shifts of Marriage That Moves us From STRIVING to THRIVING

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