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The 5 Most Common Mistakes We Make
When Trying to Save Our Marriage

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We walked through the darkest season of our lives 2 years ago in our marriage. But thanks to Doc and Trish and the tools they provided us with, we were able to not just save our marriage but we are growing more now than we did  when we were first together"

~Chris & Chelsea, Orlando, FL

"This is by far the best investment that we've ever made in our marriage to date. Our biggest take away was learning how to communicate and bring respect back into our home"

~Ryan and Tracey, Dallas TX

"I never imagined that we would have to walk the path of infidelity in our marriage.  I honestly felt there was no hope. Doc & Trish entered into our lives and helped us put the pieces back together. Today, we are helping others who have gone through similar situations"  

~Russ & Vanessa,

Phoenix AZ  

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Become one of the hundreds of ELITE COUPLES from around the country who have joined our coaching groups and marriage master classes.


We are helping power couples just like you avoid divorce, escape years of therapy and build back 100X what was stolen from their relationships. 

When couples sign up for our coaching group, they are always blown away by the amount of REAL coaching and mentoring they actually get from us. Not to mention… The CRAZY amount of content. 


Here’s what you’ll get when you become a part of our network and marriage master classes


  • 8 Marriage Training Videos that Include


1: Techniques To Healthy Communication 

2: Trauma Healing from Past Relationships Part 1 & 2

3: Building A Culture of Respect & Boundaries Part 1 & 2

4: Learning to Live in UNITY and Have Profound Intimacy Part 1 & 2

5: Developing a Mission Statement for Your Family That Leads to Lasting Legacy


  • 8 Weeks of 90 Min. Live Coaching and Real Time Mentoring

  • Conflict Management and Crisis Intervention Help

  • Tons and Tons of specialized content made weekly specifically for our masterclass network

  • Opportunity to spend a weekend with us at one of our couples retreats that are hosted throughout the year (This is only available to those who complete & graduate from our 8 week masterclass and there is an additional cost for retreats)

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The 7 DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL MARRIAGE CHALLENGE is 7 days of high-level content followed by 7 unique challenges that will begin the journey to transforming the marriage and bringing couples back into a place of love, intimacy and respect for one another. 


Day 1: Make A Truce. We are going to lay down all the things we've weaponized against one another and start over with a clean slate


Day 2: Take Ownership. We are going to stop the blame game and we are going learn how to own 100% of our 50%


Day 3: Talk About It. We will teach you how to communicate the most difficult subjects with love, respect and conflict management tools


Day 4: Set A Boundary. We will teach you how to set boundaries that will lead to respect and honor in the relationship


Day 5: Move To Neutrality. We will show you how you and your spouse can live in UNITY 100% of the time


Day 6: Construct A Mission Statement: We will show you how to construct a mission statement for your marriage and for your family that will lead to a lasting legacy 


Day 7: Count The Cost. We will show you what divorce will cost you and how it will impact your family forever

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It certainly isn’t a perfect one. We are products of divorce. Our past is filled with mistakes and failures. At one point, we were the poster-children for how you shouldn’t operate in a relationship. 


But all of that changed when we were introduced to a set of life principles that completely and fundamentally transformed the entire trajectory of our lives. We went from striving and surviving in our relationships to THRIVING… And without years of therapy. Today, our mission is to share this hope with everyone whom God allows to come in contact.


We offer an incredible amount of resources for people in every season of life. With more than 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, and working with more 10,000 clients over those years, we offer content and material that is built on the back of both our personal and professional experiences.


We are also profound students of both psychology and theology and have spent hours studying the infrastructures of human behaviors and how our sociological constructs become the lenses through which and by which we see the world around us. 


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